AORN of San Diego County

Article XI
 Nominating Committee-Nominations-Eligibility-Elections-Terms-Vacancies-Removal
 Section 4: Elections

  1. Officers, Board of Directors and Nominating Committee shall be elected by printed ballot and/or secure on line balloting by the annual business meeting in May. Plurality elects. In case of a tie, choice is by lot. Absentee ballots must be received by the May business meeting and on the original printed ballot from the newsletter, with the voting member’s mailing label attached.

Proposal is to cut the last sentence.
Rationale: we no longer have a printed newsletter, and the fact that all members can vote on line if they will not be attending the May meeting.

December 3rd Next Chapter Meeting
"Laparoscopy and Patient Satisfaction" is the title of our December education meeting. This interesting topic will be presented by Douglas E. Ott, MD, MBA. Please join us for a great evening of refreshments, fun, and learning new and updating information about laparoscopy. Print the flyer that has all the details and for posting at work. Remember to bring a friend and Students are welcome at no cost.