AORN of San Diego County

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Chapter Year!

SPRING WORKSHOP COMING APRIL 19: Spaces still available
Are you sure your instruments are ready for the patient? Come and join an update to recommended practices for instrument care and handling, loaner sets, packaging, steam sterilization and quality control monitoring. Support your professional practice and your chapter by attending the workshop. More details coming. Print the registration and information flyer.

Next Chapter Meeting: April 24th:
Surgical Pain Management
will be presented by Daryl Kirby, RN. CVP. Our refreshments will be provided by Maria Dolce of Pacira Pharmaceuticals.
Print meeting flyer! Post at Work! Bring a Friend!

May 30 2014: Annual Fundraiser-Golf TournamentGolf Image
This fun event will be here before you know it! We need you to get involved by getting people to sign up as sponsors and players. All the details are on the registration print it off and distribute to your favorite surgeon, anesthesiologist, sales rep. The $$ that we raise from this provides scholarship money that so many of you have received and to help support delegates that represent you at the annual AORN Congress.


Consider Volunteering & Run for A Chapter Office:
It takes a lot of people to "run" the Chapter and the more volunteers we have the lighter the load and it is way more fun too! The nominating committee is looking for people to fill positions. They will be speaking about this in more detail and the Chapter meeting February 27th. In the meantime fill out the Willingness To Serve Form and bring it to the meeting. That would be Step 1 completed.

Social Media Opportunity:
We are seeking a chapter member who is interested in an opportunity to work with our "social media" committee. This is a chance to "get your foot in the door" and may give you the experience to find a position in the rapidly developing field of Social Media. Please read more in our monthly newsletter and if you are interested contact President Randy.

Ways & Means Opportunity:
We could use a person with a special touch to help with the "ways and means" committee. The leadership is in place and we could benefit from some fresh new ideas. If you would like to help the team to make our chapter activities more profitable and enjoyable contact President Randy.

Old Cell Phone & Printer Ink Cartridges:
Please bring any of these items you have collected over the summer to the September meeting. This is a way for the Chapter to add $$$ to the piggy bank. Read about what you can do.

Notice to Vendors:
If you are a vendor and would like to show your products to the members of the AORN Chapter you can do so now for a nominal donation of $100 to the Chapter Educational Fund. To reserve your place please contact President-Elect Vickie Pierce. Space is limited so get your request in soon.